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Hello Idiots i was been off for a long time due to my education as well as my intenship after Deep web Hosting DanWin Hosting went down i stopped hosting and stop writing blog after my graduation completed from university i started my own site and i will be running this blog as long as there are idiot in this world

i have been setting up website with wordpress theme HackerIdiot with offical domain with .com i wanted .idiot extension but i didnt find it so i took .com also i started my own blog Mistry Siddh my blog is hosted by netlify and the cms which im using is hugo.

From now on got to https://hackeridiot.com hope you will love it

5 of the Most Popular Penetration Testing Tools Found in Kali Linux

Hacking specialists and penetration testers are the new norms of the modern era. With many companies now being based online the need for security specialists has risen sharply. If you are willing to learn ethical hacking It is advised you get your hands on some of the best hacking books. Such ebooks will help gain knowledge within the cyber security industry and are a great pre-requisite before using pen testing tools. Whether you are getting into pen testing or looking to defend your own network, we have some great tools; many of which are included in Kali Linux


Nmap is a powerful assessment tool when used to scan a network. The tool allows one to discover open ports and running services along with their associated version numbers, Nmap also has the addition of a fantastic scripting engine which when used properly can be a very powerful addition to a network pen test.


Wireshark is a popular network analysis tool. It is designed to scan for packets passing through a network and is the favourite analysis tool for many socket exploit writers looking to ensure their code is working as expected or for pen testers looking to troubleshoot their tools.


Burpsuite is the go-to tool for nearly every web application penetration tester, the community edition provides the proxy as well as a few other handy tools like the comparer, repeater, and sequencer, all very time saving when pen-testing. The paid version is a must-have if already working in the industry.

WPScan is a tool designed specifically to find vulnerabilities within WordPress websites. It can locate WordPress versions, which plugins are running and whether there are associated vulnerabilities. It can also search for usernames, brute force the admin panel password and if successful upload a backdoor to enable shell access to the victim website.


Nessus is a great vulnerability scanning tool. It comes with an easy to use graphical user interface and is capable of scanning multiple networks for open ports and vulnerabilities Final note Please ensure that you are aware of jurisdictional laws before using any of these tools and ensure you either own the product/network/website or have express permission from product/network/website owner, otherwise you may end up finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

So if there is any kind of comment or suggestion the comment down below, if you also have any site or any-kind of news, site or post mention it down bellow. Thank You.

COVID-19: Dark Web Reaction

first of all, I want to stay be careful from this coronavirus because this virus has no antidote, this virus came from china as you see in the news that most of the people die or stays in the hospital under tight security so I just want to say that stay at home don’t shake hands, sanitize your hands, keep minimum 1.5meter distance from other, by chance if you have to go out of your home then take precautions such as face mask, hand sanitizer, and keep distance with each other so that you can stay safe I hope that you and your families are safe, so let us see what are the reaction of the deep web

Digital Shadows has been researching the cybercriminal response to the COVID-19 outbreak sweeping across the globe. We’ve been monitoring several dark web forums, looking for answers to questions including whether discussions of COVID-19 are as popular on the dark web as they are on the clear web and how in general cybercriminals are discussing COVID-19.

In summary, while we’ve seen cyber criminals attempting to capitalize on fear and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also observed some atypical discussions from users including:

  • Discouraging other users from profiting off the pandemic
  • Expressing solidarity with countries affected (particularly Italy)
  • Providing health and safety information

The ongoing COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) pandemic has dominated the media over the past few weeks. Voluntary self-isolation and government-mandated restrictions of movement have significantly impacted the lives of millions. Over the past few weeks, cybercriminals have been attempting to capitalize on fear and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting phishing, selling fraudulent medical equipment, and spreading misinformation.

In January, we published a blog discussing how the dark web mirrors our everyday lives. While that now seems like forever ago, we decided to revisit this concept in the current climate with these questions in mind: Are discussions of COVID-19 as popular on the dark web as they are on the clear web? How are cybercriminals discussing COVID-19?

COVID-19 interest on the clear web vs. dark web

Google Trends analyzes the popularity of top search queries on Google Search and compares the volume of those queries over time across different regions. We chose a simple query of the search term “coronavirus” across all regions worldwide over the past 90 days.

But how does this compare to the dark web?

Unfortunately, there is no centralized search engine on the scale of Google that covers .onion domains. Instead, we used Digital Shadows’ Shadow Search to look for mentions of “COVID-19” OR “coronavirus” across dark web sources over the past 90 days. 

(If you want to try this yourself, sign up for free 7 day access to our tool here.)

In the chart below, the purple line is the data from Google Trends, and the teal line is the dark web data from Shadow Search.

Coronavirus Research dark web

COVID-19 interest on the clear web vs. dark web
(Teal: Dark web results via Shadow Search; Purple: Clear web via Google Trends)

From this data, discussions of COVID-19 on the dark web have followed a very similar path to search queries on the clear web. In the past month alone, there has been a 738% increase in the number of COVID-19-related terms on dark web sources. This aligns with the spike in Google searches beginning around February 19.

It’s important to note that the Y-axis does not represent the total number of searches. Instead, as Google notes, these numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity of the search query, a value of 50 means that the query is half as popular, and a value of 0 means that there was not enough data available. The data pulled from Shadow Search consists of individual mentions of COVID-19-related terms and has been added over the Google Trends axes.

Another caveat is that dark web ≠ cybercriminality. While there are several examples of overt criminal activity, as discussed in our previous blog on COVID-19, not all mentions of COVID-19 on dark web sources are criminal. For example, some of these are likely from the dark web mirrors of legitimate social media and news sites.

COVID-19 article on The New York Times dark web mirror

COVID-19 article on The New York Times dark web mirror

This trend should not come as a surprise to anyone. It is expected that the popularity of searches for “coronavirus” will increase with media coverage and as governments address the pandemic.

COVID-19 discussions on cybercriminal forums

So what do some of the discussions about COVID-19 on cybercriminal forums look like? Similarly to how it has affected search popularity on the clear web, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the direction of discussions on the cybercriminal landscape, resulting in users creating posts off-topic to typical forum discussions.  

On Torum, a popular English-language dark web cybercriminal forum, several users have taken to the forum to provide their perspectives on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. One user, “L-47”, only recently joined the forum, seemingly with the express intent to provide first-hand information on the impact of the virus in Spain and Germany:

COVID-19 dark web

Another user appeared concerned about the supposed lack of activity from forum members.

COVID-19 dark web 2

On BlackHatWorld, an ethically-questionable clear web forum, users created similar posts recapping the current situation.

COVID-19 BlackHat World

Likewise, on forums dedicated to the trade and sale of stolen accounts like Cracking King and Cracking Soul, users have created off-topic posts expressing solidarity for the situation in Italy, warning fellow forum members to take extra care of at-risk and elderly family members.

dark web COVID-19 3
dark web COVID-19 4

Unfortunately, there are still individuals that are overtly seeking to take advantage of the current situation for profit (See our blog How cybercriminals are taking advantage of COVID-19: Scams, fraud, and misinformation. But, in a seemingly atypical move for a cybercriminal forum, these attempts are not always well-received. For example, one user took to Torum to ask for advice on how best to take advantage of COVID-19, only to receive responses pleading them not to profit off the pandemic.

COVID pandemic dark web chat

As we’ve seen time and time again, cybercriminals will find ways to take advantage of people’s fears and uncertainties in the wake of major disasters and emergencies. However, the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown some benevolent reasoning has emerged on some platforms that are typically used for the crime: Users urging others to avoid taking advantage of an already dire situation.

Once again be careful, stay safe and follow all the instructions which are given by government for your better future and if you find anyone who needs help then call your local help station for their help THANK YOU.


im really sorry to say that https://hackeridiot.tk/ is been closed because the server which i was using was been hacked here is the hosting link https://danwin1210.me this was the hosting site which i was using my site but due to certain reasons it was been closed and now it is been closed, here is the source code if you want to start your own deep web hosting server http://github.com/DanWin/hosting

i hope that you will all forgive me and give me a another chance to rewite my blog, well im also trying to make new app also but im not getting any idea to make it. if you have any idea then comment down bellow in the comment box so that i can get some idea

FreshOnion Replacement!

I’ve had several people ask me recently about the site Fresh Onions. From what I can tell, it appears to be down permanently (though I’m not positive that that’s the case).

So, those of you who used it are probably wondering if there’s an alternative. As of yet, I haven’t come across anything that’s updated as often, although there are other Tor link lists.

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